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Kathleen Duggan healer and teacher

Kathleen Duggan

Welcome, I am pleased you are here.
I would like to share a little about myself
and look forward to connecting with you.

I am a Shamanic healer and teacher, a Reiki Master of Masters, an advanced energy light worker, a spiritual consultant/mentor, and student of the healing arts. I have worked with clients and students on five continents over the past ten years. I hold private sessions with adult clients as well as children, particularly, children with special needs.

I have  completed extensive studies in shamanism with teachers Dory Cote, Sandra Ingerman, and Jane Burns, as well as several collectives. Shamanism is considered the oldest spiritual path and healing practice in the world. It is over 10,000 years old and has been practiced on six continents. Marsha Stultz, creator of Heart Lotus Evolution, trained me in Reiki, advanced energy studies, and the art of manifestation. I continuously deepen my connections with the Spirit Realms through daily practices and continued advanced studies. With an open heart, I provide a sacred and safe space to co-create with clients and students both in person and remotely.


The phrase "live the way of the heart" truly conveys my way of being. "It is with an open heart, the embodiment of our spiritual self, and the awareness that we are a part of a vast complex web of life encompassing all living things that transformation unfolds. It is from this place that we begin to heal ourselves and in turn, others, and the earth."

My journey began with a spiritual intervention from the divine realms. Alcoholism, marijuana abuse, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain were a part of my existence until 2013. Beautiful bountiful blessings from Spirit guided me to find the healers, teachers, mentors, sponsors, and counselors as well as circles of like-minded people who facilitated and continue to further my growth and healing. I am grateful to say I am no longer impeded by the challenges that brought me to the place of beginning a new way of being. I am forever appreciative and I desire to assist others in overcoming whatever challenges they face in their own becoming.

Request a free consultation, arrange for a private session,

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