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About  Nancy MacPhee

I have been on a path to a deeper spiritual connection for most of my life. My immersion into shamanism was literally sparked by a ceremonial fire and a subsequent search for a drum. The search led me to Dory Cote who pointed me to a drum maker who journeyed for guidance from spirit about the drum that he would make for me. I meditated with this beautiful and sacred drum for a year before I became curious about shamanism. Truly, that drum led me to my first Intro workshop.  Dory Cote has been my teacher and mentor since my first workshop 10 years ago, My studies include a shamanic apprenticeship, a two-year advanced training called Becoming the Hollow Bone,  soul retrieval, Medicine for the Earth and a two-year shamanic teacher training.


I had the honor of being an assistant in all of Dory's teaching programs for 5 years. I consider this time working alongside Dory as a gift and, a powerful apprenticeship, with my teacher and mentor.

Nancy MacPhee healer and teacher

In 2017, I participated in a vision quest in New Mexico with Sparrow Hart and Circles of Air and Stone. For four days and nights, alone in the desert wilderness, my teachers were the trees, sage bushes and lightning. This experience deepened my connection with spirit and opened me up to this work,  partnering with others on their healing and expansion path.  This vision quest also affirmed my commitment to working with spirit and life force energy.


Prior to my current explorations,  I was "the Adventure Play lady" as the preschoolers called me.  This work was about celebrating and nourishing children’s playful, creative and imaginative spirits. The focus of this work was peace, compassion and wonder...and play, of course! 

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