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Healing Children

Kathleen Duggan healer and teacher

It is an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with assisting children in a myriad of ways.

(The list of potential reasons to seek my help is the same as found here)

Experiences from both the child's point of view and parent's

Parent of a 3 year old on the spectrum

"I’m writing to say thank you so much again for working with me and my son. Since our session, (he) has made huge advancements. He has identified himself, improved eye contact, he has far more preferences, and is identifying his own needs. I really could not be more grateful for you and your gift. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I hope to be in touch to set up another session soon. 

Have a wonderful weekend, and please know we’re sending all our love and gratitude your way! "

Ashley M.

Parent of a teenage girl

Working with Kathleen for our children's well-being has brought so much balance and joy to our family dynamics; we are extremely grateful for the important healing work she is shared! her energy work sessions are personalized and bring the highest level of alignment to her clients. Kathleen did a wonderful job engaging with my daughter who has autism, and we found her process and the results incredibly valuable for my daughter's emotional profile. Kathleen's gentle approach focused on grounding, providing anxiety relief, and promoting self-empowerment, all done lovingly and supportively. the best part was when my daughter cried tears of joy and said, “ I haven't felt this happy or free in years!”. We are deeply grateful and happy to recommend Kathleen to anyone with children, particularly those who are neurodiverse.

- A grateful mother of three

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