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These series of healing, personal growth and transformation are for those who are committed to investing the time and energy into a focused series of sessions within a fixed period of time.
The reason for adding the element of time is to create a container that allows for you to continue moving forward without loosing traction or slipping back into old ways. We reconnect to reinforce and continue the integration of the healings and growth so they are not diminished or 'lost'. And the series continues as we are guided; we travel this path together well supported and held by the spirit realms.


Our team consists of your helping spirits and power animals who reside in the divine hidden realms alongside my community of spirit allies. Their guidance for the sequence of the series will merge with your intentions for the greatest outcomes.Part of the series includes daily practices that may change or expand throughout our time together. We will hone in on ways to continue integrating the healings and changes within.

Explore the series options and see which is the perfect fit for you at this time. This series can take place in-person or over Zoom. All sessions are 90 minutes and include an audio recording for you to download and keep for future reference.

The possibilities are endless...

Spirit moves, heals, graces, bestows, teaches, guides, protects us all for our best and highest well-being in the moment. Spirit is truly a loving and compassionate companion.

Regardless of where you are on your personal journey, Spirit will meet you there; I am simply present to facilitate and be a bridge. Some of the healings spirit may present to us are:

Soul retrieval 

power animal retrieval

ancestral healing

shadow work

removing energies and cords that are no longer beneficial and impede your sovereignty

letting go of limiting thought forms

healing trauma

healing the inner child

paradigm shift work

healing ways to move beyond anxiety or depression

practicing the art of allowing

To request a free consultation, arrange for a private session, inquire about something else.

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