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Monthly Journey Circle interest form
(both psychopomp and land healing use this form)

The Land Healing Journey Circle is open to anyone who has been trained in the shamanic journey and can comfortably traverse the middle world while merged with a helping spirit or power animal.

Specific psychopomp training is required to participate in the psychopomp journey circle.

We at gather at 6:30 pm (Eastern) via Zoom Mondays through Thursdays. Days will fluctuate each month so more people have the opportunity to attend. Each session lasts approximately one hour. Please be sure to indicate days you are most often available to participate. Participation is always optional, you will see upcoming dates in our newsletter and Kathleen will send a Zoom link for upcoming journey circles the day prior. These circles are lead by Kathleen Duggan who is open to receive suggestions as to our destination each month.'

Please complete both pages of this interest form

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