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Kathleen Duggan healer and teacher

Common questions about a healing session and how a session unfolds with Kathleen

·        All of my healing work is conducted with my helping spirits and the helping spirits of whom I is assisting. It is through this connection that healing, transformation, channeled messages and divination unfolds. All that transpires is guided by spirit in divine timing for the best and highest good of those seeking assistance. We are free to have specific intentions, but it is our helpings spirits that are the healers. I am the bridge between the divine spirit realms and those seeking assistance. ·        ​


Why you might
desire a
healing session

Common reasons people give for requesting a session:

  • Desire assistance in healing trauma

  • They don't feel "like themselves"

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • They have chronic pain that doctors can't diagnose

  • Trouble sleeping

  • They feel like something is missing

  • Desire to connect with the ancestors for ancestral healing

  • Assistance helping someone cross over at end of life

  • They would like to know who their power animal or one of their primary helping spirits is

  • Seek assistance in finding the "root" cause of a situation or state of being

  • Feeling cursed

To name a few...

  • Soul retrieval

  • Removal of adverse energy 

  • Extraction

  • Spirit/Power Animal retrieval

  • Assistance with trauma, PTSD, addiction

  • Assistance with anxiety / depression

  • Ancestor connection / ancestral healing

  • Past life healing from something interfering in your present life

  • Healing wounds (inner child, ancestral, relationship)

  • Heart Centered Depossession

  • Psychopomp - Assist deceased (spirits) that have not crossed over 

  • Soul remembering

  • Guidance from client's spirit allies

  • Curse removal 

  • Divination

Healings that may occur during a healing session

Every session includes a consultation, clearing, balancing, and aligning of energy systems. This allows the client to receive the healing more easily.

 Each session closes with information on how to integrate the healing received and information of self-care. 

Sessions are offered in-person in Yarmouth, ME or virtually world-wide.

Sessions are conducted in-person, via Zoom or by phone at the client's discretion. Healing sessions are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, if you need to make a different arrangement, I am happy to accommodate you.
To schedule a healing session or free consultation, please fill in the form at the right or go to bookings in the menu.  Thank you!

Request a few consultation, arrange for a private session, inquire about something else.

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