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Nancy MacPhee

I invite you to explore the various ways that we can work together.

There are many ways that a shamanic session can support your healing and your expansion. More information is provided on this page.

This work is about creating balance in your home and on the land that you live on, clearing energies that do not serve you and your family, and supporting your relationship with the land and the ancestors of the land.


Reiki sessions are 50 minutes and include the healing energy and warmth of a Biomat.

Session fee: $40

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How does a Reiki Session work?

Explore the workshops and training programs that we offer: introductions to shamanism, soul retrieval, ancestral healing, dowsing, Reiki, ceremonies and more...

Is there something that you have been looking for to support your expansion and healing that you just can't seem to find? We can collaborate, with the guidance of spirit, and create a plan together. The possibilities are infinite.



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A little bit about my path toward healing and expansion.

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