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Healing and Spiritual Expansion - 
Creative Explorations


Do you have thoughts about how you would like to expand and connect with spirit?


Is there a hint or a whisper of something that you feel might be supportive but you're not finding it anywhere?


Let's talk about it and together, with the guidance of spirit, we can bring it into form.


Some possibilities that might resonate -

  • Ancestral healing around specific issues and challenges

  • Create a ceremony to honor and grieve the loss of a loved one, an animal companion, or land/tree/waters that you loved. 

  • Soul healing from physical, emotional or spiritual trauma

  • Learn about power animals with your partner/spouse and children. Meet a power animal for your each member or your family and a power animal for the family as a whole.

  • Learn to journey privately or with a group of friends.

  • Regular and consistent spiritual work around an ongoing physical, emotional or spiritual difficulty

  • To be witnessed as you share your story of a profound sacred experience that you have had, and to further explore the sacred and ongoing gifts of this experience.

  • I can be nearby and hold space as you spend a day or a half day in contemplation in the natural world. I can also witness the story of your experience.

  • To support you in finding ways to deepen your relationship with your power animal or helping spirit.

  • Spiritual support as you prepare for, or move through, a physical, emotional or spiritual challenge.

The possible ways that we can collaborate are infinite. If your inner guidance is saying "I want explore this", please contact me and we can converse about  how this might work.  We can schedule a 30 minute phone consultation, which is free, and which will help you to discern whether or not this feels supportive of your sacred path.

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