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Mentoring, Consulting &  Spiritual Guidance

I am available to meet you where you are and assist you in getting where you desire to be.

Kathleen Duggan healer and tacher

Mentor for the Healing Arts
Advanced Energy work

Often people well versed in a particular form of energy work seek to deepen their connection to their work or learn additional practices to enhance and extend the tools in their toolkit.  I would love to connect with you to see where we can go!

Spiritual Consultant

For those of us who feel disconnected from the 'spirit world', 'source, 'god, 'the creator, 'universal life force', 'their higher power' or seek to discover what that energy is, you are not alone. I facilitate people in discovering their connection to the realms beyond this plane on their individual terms and beliefs.

Consultant for
your personal well-being

I assist people to discover tools they can use to help them move beyond places where they feel stuck.

Many people have anxiety, patterns and fears that paralyze particular facets of their life, I help them integrate tools to help them transform into a new way of being.

Spiritual Sponsorship
for those in recovery

I understand well the importance of good sponsorship in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. I was blessed to had an incredible sponsor who guided me through the steps and provided me with honest direct feedback on what facets of my thinking and ways of being had to be transformed.

I provide sponsorship beyond the scope mentioned above. I will assist you to find or develop the relationship you have with your Higher Power to deepen and integrate the work into your sustained recovery.

Request a free consultation, arrange for a private session,

inquire about something else.

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