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Learn Reiki in Maine 

In the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing

Reiki is a natural healing method that can support people return to balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually through universal life force energy. An attunement to reiki energy opens a person up to be a perfect channel for the healing energy to flow through them. This enables one to share and bestow this energy on themselves and to any living thing in person or remotely.  Reiki has no contraindications.

Reiki is particularly noted for decreasing stress, anxiety and pain levels.

Reiki also complements and works in conjunction with other natural healing modalities, western medicine or mental health practices.

I am a Reiki Master of Master who has been practicing and teaching for 10 years.

An attunement to Reiki One includes a history of Usui Reiki, hand positions for healing oneself and others, and some general applications in your daily life.

Reiki One certification does not meet qualification standards to be a paid practitioner.

Reiki classes are available to schedule by request. I have found choosing a specific date can exclude many who are interested.

I teach individuals, groups of friends, family members and groups of professionals (yoga instructors, massage therapists, and other healing modalities.

Please complete the contact Kathleen form at the bottom of the page.

An attunement to Reiki II greatly increases the flow of the vitality rich reiki energy through the addition of sacred chants and symbols. This class also enables you to practice remotely. Reiki II certification qualifies you to open a practice and is a lovely, highly beneficial addition to massage, acupressure, yoga healing modalities and more!

This is usually the minimum certification requirement to volunteer in hospitals, hospice and nursing homes.

Next Reiki II class  is in-person experiential learning in Yarmouth, ME

Friday, March 1, 2024 / 10 am to 4 pm

Tuition: $300.00, Early bird pricing $275.00 available through 1/31/24

Space is limited, reserve your spot now

Private Reiki I and II Certifications for Individuals or Groups

This option is available for individuals who prefer one to one learning as well as groups of friends who would like to experience learning Reiki together. This can take place in my healing space or in an individual's home or outside in nature.  Extra benefit: flexible scheduling to meet your individual needs or your group's needs.      Contact Kathleen to learn more

Private group Reiki I and II Certifications for Practitioners

This option is available for practitioners of other healing modalities from a particular practice or studio to learn and become certified at a group discounted price at your place of business. Extra benefit: flexible scheduling to meet your group's needs.    Contact Kathleen to learn more

Reiki Master 

Private One on One teaching and certification

Contact Kathleen to learn more

Request a free consultation, arrange for a private session,

inquire about something else.

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