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Soul Retrieval

This training is an invitation to explore shamanic ways of healing others who are experiencing soul loss and soul trauma. The soul is our vital life force, the seat of emotions and feelings, the spiritual part of our being. Traumas, challenges, and periods of insecurity in our lives can lead us to a sense of not feeling whole. Parts of our soul, essences of our soul, can “leave us” or shut down. This may be experienced as a feeling of emptiness, apathy, loss of a sense of meaning or purpose, anxiety, or physical ailments. The ancient spiritual path of shamanism has practices that can support the return of soul essences and life force energy when soul loss has occurred. Ultimately, we can become more of our authentic self and all our hearts to open wider and deeper to awaken our connection to spirit.  


This workshop is for trained shamanic practitioners that want to restore wholeness for clients through soul healing and soul awakening. In our time together in this sacred circle, you will explore your own soul’s healing. You will have many opportunities throughout the training to practice the concepts and tools that will support your work with clients. Some areas of study include: past life soul retrieval, earth healing, ancestral soul healing, applications to death and dying work, soul retrieval for a family, a business, or land.  

Prerequisite for entry:  in depth shamanic training or completion of a shamanic apprenticeship.

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Location: Loon Pond Retreat Center, Litchfield, Maine

Dates: Thursday, March 14 - Sunday, March 17th (in-person); Required 5th class is virtual in April - date and time TBA

Class times: Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 9am to 5pm, Sunday: 9am to 2pm, Zoom meeting date to TBD, 3 to 4hrs

Class cost: $525.00 due by March 1, 2024

Optional lodging per night: Double occupancy: $65.00 ; Single occupancy $130 (Nights available: 3/13, 3/14, 3/15, 3/16, 3/17)  First come, first serve.

Lodging must be paid in full at time of reservation.

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