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Irish countryside

Live the Way of the Heart
through Shamanism & Reiki

 Our teachings and individual private practices are grounded in the belief system that all living things have a unique spirit and stem from shared universal energy. We are guided by our heartfelt connections to our helping spirits who reside in realms of light.

Around the World

represents international healing sessions and classes

In 2023, Nancy and Kathleen continued their international teaching experiences teaching a Soul Retrieval workshop in Dungarvin, Ireland. We are returning this Fall for an Ancestral Healing workshop. Our in-person and live virtual classes attract students world-wide. We also held their first offering at the renowned Kripalu Yoga and Retreat Center  in Stockbridge Massachusetts. We are at Kripalu again in April 2024.

Private Healing Sessions

we provide heart-centered healing sessions

Kathleen and Nancy both have private practices offering sessions both in-person and remotely.

Mother Drum w feathers represents shamanic circles

Please visit our classes and event page for our optional residential 5 day Soul Retrieval workshop in March 2024 as well as our 3rd Shamanic Apprenticeship class, a nine month intensive experiential learning program.  Another workshop at Kripalu in April! We are also introducing our 4 day Ancestral Healing, residential optional, workshop in Fall of 2024. One ancestral workshop in Maine and a second in Dungarvan, Ireland. We continue to offer  live virtual and in-person classes, workshops and ceremonies.

universal light provides life force energy

Kathleen teaches Reiki I, Reiki II and Master certification  classes in both the spring and fall.  These certifications are also taught privately upon request.  Small private groups of may also request classes. Next Reiki I is Feb. 2024, Reiki II is March 2024.

Spiritual Mentoring

Our mentoring sessions bring you into the light

Nancy  offers one-on-one

Kathleen offers private mentoring, guidance, & consulting opportunities:

land and home.webp

Living in balance with the land and your home will support your physical, emotional and spiritual health. The energies of the earth, the ancestors, the spirit of the land, you and your family can come to  a place of harmony.

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